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TheRollingStore (Registered on Mar 21, 2018 )

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We are an online one stop shop for nomadic musicians.

Here, in our store what you can find is not only good products but a customer satisfaction guaranteed services!

Once we Offer, we Deliver...! As we deliver it Sure, Safe and Secure...!

If you're a musician who's aim is Ease? Then, TheRollingStore is Your STORE. =)

The Rolling Store's Origin and Tomorrow:

How did it all Begin?
Selling what's in Store:
By definition,The Rolling Store is a store which system is to provide its customers ease and worry free buying. Instead of waiting for the customers to go at our store, we want to bring the store into their door!

As we began back on December 2017, we tried on cultivating our seedbed by using only what's available on our disposals such as our cellphones, a motorcycle, our old stock of instruments and some unused stuff in our homes and of course a little knowledge of buying and selling of products via the Internet as soon as we evolve each month.

As we pushed our plans to the market, the online world became more dangerous, complicated and inconvenient to many because of scammers, odd transactions and internet misconduct became rampant. But it also became our springboard to gain the trust of the few and turned our page a small-stream for some numbers of customers who found our account.

Soon, we reached 1k plus likes organically, and transaction after transaction built the name of our store to be a confidence of those customers who shop at us, and so the rest is history!

You Deserve Our Best:
As we continue on cultivating our system to be more of help to many people, we invite you to join us in an honest, straight deal with each one, easy set-ups, fast shopping, a fruitful and progressive eCommerce for future and futures to come.

With a Whole Lotta Lovin'
The Rolling Store, Humbly at your Service. =)

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5.0 out of 5