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About Us

Pedallion is Peer-to-Peer E-Commerce Internet platform for music based in the Philippines.

The website is in a form of a marketplace where musicians can safely engage in the buying and selling of musical gear, accessories as well as their original musical compositions.

We, the progenitors of Pedallion, are also musicians. As musicians, we definitely love musical gear.

The name "Pedallion" is a combination of effects "Pedals" as an component for making awesome tones and the other half is

"Medallion" that is a piece of jewelry that represents something normally worn around the neck.

The Dream

Paolo Reyes started engaging with online selling when he was in college using a popular music forum way back in 2007

But his biggest dream was to provide a music online store for music online stores. The real one stop shop for musicians.The only store any musician needs.

As Pedallion gained its popularity by doing retail for a few years, it has now finally shifted in becoming the Dream in January of 2018.


When we started shifting the former Pedallion that we once knew to this new business model, our primary vision in mind was to provide musicians easy access to musical gear as well as an avenue to share their music.  Although there are other easily accessible means in transacting gear and musical compositions through social media, we saw that the online market has limited safeguards with regard to monitoring the transactions between buyers and sellers. With this, there are reports of people getting scammed.

As market consumers, we are aware of these pitfalls. That is why, we created this website to provide an easy and safe place for musicians like us to dispose of their gear.

To do this, we provided the users with a myriad of delivery and payment options (Dragonpay, Paypal and Etc). Second, we had also crafted rules and regulations for the benefit of consumers to lessen if not completely avoid the possibility of fraudulent transactions. Third, we also, on a limited extent, monitor these transactions for the protection of both sellers and buyers. In this way, musicians would concentrate more on their music.

This is what separates us from the rest. We have the safety of sellers and consumers in mind without hampering the market experience.


Although this kind of medium is still new to the region compared to our European and US counterparts, Pedallion is dedicated to make this grow and be the best in the business. Hopefully, in the not-so-distant future, our efforts would help foster the development and growth of the community of musicians. We will ultimately do our best in making the consumer and musician experience as safe and enjoyable to all our users.  


Now, let the GAS begin!  

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